sunnuntai 27. heinäkuuta 2014


How you all doing? Hopefully good :)
Today I've been doing absolutely nothing. It's SO warm here in Finland and it's almost inhuman to be outside for a longer time. I managed to do my power-walk, but decided to skip the gym today. I'm just trying to get energy for the upcoming week. I've got so much to do!! Despite the usual (gym and that kind of things) we'll be sailing, going to some parties, starting to prepare some things for my exchange (I have to pack up my whole room... And if I don't start now I know that I'll start the day before I leave xD) and then my cousin is coming to Finland from California!! It's been quite a while since last time, so it'll be so nice to see her again :) and in the weekend I have plans on seeing M and most likely A too, 'cause M heads off to USA the 5th. My God, everyone is just leaving!! It's not fair :( but hey, if you wait for something great you never wait to long, right? ^^

This was my super-secret thing I was doing earlier, some OPEN WHEN letters for Stella :) omg, it's been like one day and I already miss her like crazy.... 

Oh well, have a great day!


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