keskiviikko 23. heinäkuuta 2014


G'day everyone
Today I started of with an EARLY trip to the gym for a killer session, I mean I was there at 9 am!! But it was a nice change :) after that I just did nothing for a veery long time. Then, when everyone had left home (either for jobs or practice or something like that), I spet my alone-time in the best way ever. By watching the magnificent movie Divergent. I mean words can not explain how good this movie is! And not only because the actors are great (because Theo you are awesome xD) but because I like the whole plot and idea in this movie! And it's so real in a way, like you can feel everything that's happening. It's like you are standing right beside them! I really really like this movie, and recommend it to ALL OF YOU!! Great plot, great actors. What more could we want? (Oh and try reading the book! I read it in English a couple weeks ago, it's unbelievably great too!)

Anyway, after that I recovered from that awesomeness and landed on earth again, I went for a long walk with the dogs and then I did some super-secret things (which you will find out about on the weekend) :---). Nothing more I guess, tomorrow will be pretty much the same as today, with the exception that I hope I'll be able to se my lovely H and hopefully my girls too <3


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  1. Jusku när ses vii??? Saknar dej så massor gröna gris����