torstai 24. heinäkuuta 2014


So I had a pretty good day today. I woke pretty late, but deside to take a long power walk because of the beautiful weather! I mean it was like SO hot outside! After that I didn't do much, since my plans got a bit ruined... But in the afternoon I saw the one and only H, and it was just great seeing my girl <3 I've missed her so much! In the evening I continued doing nothing really. I finished my little 'secret project' and then I just chilled with my dogs :) I also looked at some photos of this summer, which was kind of nice, I didn't realize how much I've done during this vacation! Job, Mallorca, Solvalla, sailing, just relaxing at home and soon I'll be working again for a while :) and I've still got a lot to look forward too! But now it's wayy too late to start listing those things xD

So good night everyone, sweet dreams

En av höjdpunkterna på sommaren, med bästa Emilia, Daniela, Marie, Alexander och Ebe, TACK FÖR EN FIN VECKA <3


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