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My exchange

So, I just realized that I haven't told you guys anything about my exchange year :D

So, I applied last autumn to be an exchangestudent. Right after the interview I was told that they were 99% sure that I'd be accepted into the program. And that was true :)

I still remember the day I found out about my host-family and where they lived (and I think that everyone who was around me that time remembers it to xD)
I was at Unccan when my mum called me and said that I had received a letter from the organization. I didn't have the patience to wait and told her to open it. I didn't want to know all the details, because I wanted to read them myself. But I did want to know what the family was like and where I would be spending my year. She told me the place, and my heart kind of stopped for a minute. It was exactly the place that I had wished for. It was to good to be true. I hang up the phone in the intension to run home and read all the papers and letters they had sent me. But I just couldn't. I couldn't speak or anything, I was just so damn happy! I remembered everyone asking me whats wrong and i just shushed them and kept repeating "oh my God".

After a while I just stood up and started talking like crazy. I was so happy that word just flew out of my mouth. But I think that after a while everyone got that I had just received my host family :D
After that i had stalked the city I was going to live in (and after I had calmed down) I ran home to read the rest of the letters. On the way I called to my best friends and told them the news. I was going to spend my year in Cádiz.

Well, I returned home and started reading. All the information was in english and the letters from my family and my Coordinadora local was in spanish. I found out the information about my family. I will be living with my host-mom, host-dad and host-sister. I will also have another, older host-sister who no longer lives at home,  but according to the family she still spends a lot of time with them, which I find very nice :)
Oh! the family also has a dog :---)

So, I will be living in the beautiful city of Cadiz. Although I've never been to Cádiz (or in the mainland of Spain for that matter) the pictures told me that the city is gorgeous. And my host-family thought so too :) Our flat is almost in the middle of the city, surrounded by amazing beaches. What I've been told, Cádiz is a little city, so although there are good public transports, everything is at walking-distance. After all the city is only about 12 km² (double the size of the city I currently live in).

I will during my stay attend a Bachillerato. I will be a first-year, which i find great, because it means that my classmates will also be new in the school. I won't write that much about the school now, since I'm still very lost about it myself. The main things that I know is that it's very close to our house, it's not a private school and I won't be using a uniform. Not much more that that :)

My exchange starts in the middle of September and ends in the last days of June. My exchange starts with a trip to Barcelona, where all of the exchange students will be staying for a couple of days. 

I am not quite sure what we'll be doing, but it's some sort of info-session. I think that it'll be nice to see some other exchange students as well and have kind of a soft landing before the year starts. 

So, after a couple days in Barcelona we will be heading towards our destinations. I am not sure how I will be traveling to Cádiz, but most likely with plane/train or both :) And there starts the greatest journey of my life 

Well, I don't know xD Okay yes I do. 
I have eagerly wanted to learn the language since I was a little kid. The language is just SO beautiful. Also the culture. My trip to Mallorca just proved that I am going to love the Spanish culture. And of course the people. They are so different from Finns! They are so open-minded and happy all the time, and my Coodrinadora local described Cádiz as "la ciudad que sonríe" so I have no doubt about that my exchange will be the best year ever. 

CÁDIZ 2014-2015


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